Friday Favorites: HookedUp Shapewear

Ok, let’s be real. Plus size girls wear shapewear. Skinny girls wear shapewear. We all wear shapewear. From Girdles to Corsets, shapewear has been a part of women’s fashion history for thousands of years. Thankfully, we have evolved quite a lot since then and now have surprisingly soft and comfortable shapewear. Yes, I actually used “soft and comfortable” to describe shapewear. In the same sentence.

Being completely honest with you, my experiences with shapers in the past have not been the most successful ones. I have really wide hips so the sizing seemed to never be right for me. They tightened me in the wrong places and worst of all, would roll down (or up) while wearing them. Who wants to squeeze into shapewear to then have it roll down?! I hated wearing shapers so much – to the point that I stopped wearing them all together. That in turn meant that I refrained from wearing certain types of outfits. And that sucks!

It wasn’t until recently, when I began my lovebeautylovehealth instagram account and started taking photos for it, that shapewear came back in to my life. I pulled out the old shapers I still had and oh my word, was it a horrendous experience. In the middle of taking photos they were rolling down and making me feel so uncomfortable.

I was recently contacted by the company HookedUp Shapewear. I already knew who they were because their “No-Roll Shapewear” has such a great reputation. I’d heard great things and was looking forward to trying their shapers. The claim that your shapewear doesn’t roll of course intrigued me so I was so excited to have a piece of their line to try. I was not disappointed.

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There are of course many types of shapewear available and I was so happy to have received the high waisted mid thigh shaper because let’s face it, chaffing happens and this guarantees none of that going on. This shaper focuses on providing support to the tummy, waist, hips and thigh areas. It really covers it all.


FIRST IMPRESSION:Β It is so soft!!! It is silky and stretchy. No roughness at all. Pleasantly surprised.

HOW DOES IT WORK?!: It’s super easy! The HookedUp Shapewear shaper has attachments that allow you to hook it up to the back straps of your bra. So, I did just that. You basically attach the shaper and your bra together and turn it into a one piece bathing suit. Then, you put it on. After you pull the shaper all the way up, you just fasten your bra. Et voila!

When I first tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised that it fit. Remember, I have the wide hips so I was afraid that it wouldn’t, but it did! Now, like with all shapewear, you have to pull and tug a bit, but this was as easy as it gets because the fabric is so easy to work with. And it doesn’t squeeze the life out of your thighs either. It also has a very thin, clear rubber strip on the inside of the leg to prevent it from bunching up and actually staying in place giving you a sleek look but also helping prevent chaffing.



I am writing this post after having worn the shaper numerous times and I have to say that it is truly the best one I have ever worn. To not have your shaper roll down is a total game changer for me. I still get to wear the bra that I am comfortable in, without having extra straps to hold up the shaper and without the worry that it’s going to roll down on me. You end up looking and feeling great!

On a very important note, I find HookedUp Shapewear to have very reasonable prices, Β making it easier for every woman, of any size, to find the right shaper for them.

TIP: When you go to make your purchase, make sure to know your size and Β measurements so that you find the right sized shaper for you. Their website makes this very easy. This sizing table is from their site.

Panty Size = HookedUp Size

S S 26″ – 29″ 35″ – 37″
M M 30″ – 33″ 38″ – 40″
L L 34″ – 37″ 41″ – 43″
XL XL 38″ – 42″ 44″ – 46″
1X 1X 43″ – 48″ 47″ – 49″
2X 2X 49″ – 52″ 50″ – 53″
3X 3X 53″ – 57″ 54″ – 57″

So, go on. Go check out the shapers that HookedUp Shapewear has to offer. I hope you love them as much as me.


****Opinions are 100% my own and I am not being compensated for them. I just really love it!****
***Color of shapewear may appear lighter on photos due to lighting. The color of shapewear is nude.***



  1. Beautifully written and I love every piece of the write and would definitely try one. My problem with shapers is that I have narrow hip and no back, so I need is keep things in the front tight and flat but that never happens rather it flattens everything and all. And yes, like you did previously, I have stayed completely away from them. I would definitely try this brand.

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