Camo Styling Series Part 2 – Casual Chic

I love fashion but I also love being comfortable so finding a middle ground between the two is ideal for me and often the style I gravitate to. For this look, I wanted to show you an option that can be worn by anyone. I know that this is a light in color look and there is no black to hide behind in and I love that! It’s time we stand out and wear what we like. We do not need to hide. We do not need “forgiving” colors because colors are not forgiving! We need to love and embrace ourselves because we are beautiful and it’s ok to show it! πŸ™‚ I could wear outfit for anything. This is perfect to go shopping, run errands, go on a weekend outing, or brunch with your girls. It is versatile, beautiful and comfortable. I like to add a pop of color to my outfits whenever I can so my Red Opal bag from Nuciano was perfect for this. And in case you want it, it is on CLEARANCE!!!


I styled the Camo pants this time with a beige top from Lane Bryant. I topped it with a khaki cardigan from Old Navy. I have had this cardigan for years and I love it! It goes with everything! Β img_7289img_7310

I accessorized with a purple necklace from Urban Outfitters, my favorite watch by Daniel Wellington and of course, my favorite flats of all time, my Ballerina Pink Tieks. And don’t forget my Red Opal bag from Nuciano. I have had this bag about 3 years and it has withstood the test of time and looks brand new. It is made with such high quality leather yet is affordable. Such an incredible luxury piece and I love it!Β img_7288img_7360img_7332img_7381

Here is a closer look at two of my favorites, my Tieks and my Red Opal Nuciano bag. Also, my wedding ring is from Simon G jewelry.Β img_7429


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