Shop Your Closet! {Camo Styling Series Part 1 -POP of color}

I was cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago and found a pair of camouflage pants. I almost put them on the pile of clothes to donate but I had only worn them one time a couple of years back and decided to try them on. They fit! I looked up at my tops and all of the sudden, I saw camouflage as a neutral. It was then that I knew that with that 1 pair of pants, I could make multiple outfits. And they would all look very different from each other. Best of all, I could achieve this without having to purchase a thing!

This was exciting! Shopping in my own closet! This is the first time I have been able to do this as back in the day, my closet consisted of 1 color palette – black. Now, I have colors to choose from. The possibilities are endless. I knew that I wanted to start a series showing how to style a pair of camouflage pants in case you were in need of inspiration on how to style yours. If you don’t own a pair of camouflage pants, don’t worry and don’t click out of here just yet. Like I said, I saw them as a neutral, so you can recreate the looks with any other type of pant that you may own. 🙂

For Part 1, I wanted to show them with a POP OF COLOR. A very unexpected one at that. I even surprised myself when I put it together but loved it immediately. I hope you do too!

img_7064I paired the pants with a white tank that I love from Fashion to Figure. I love it! Of course, the saying in French got me right away! img_7073The top has this beautiful blue. I immediately thought of my blue heels from ASOS. It was perfect! img_7080To continue with the blue and kind of bring it all together, I reached for a bag that I got as a gift that is a deeper royal blue but went great with the outfit. img_7008This blazer…I have worn this blazer SO much and it still looks brand new. It is from CATO fashions. It is so light, comfortable, and it has stretch to it so you don’t feel restricted as with other blazers. img_7048I couldn’t forget to add my favorite watch by Daniel Wellington. I felt so comfortable, confident and beautiful in this. It is perfect for any type of activity. From shopping to having a meal, the movies – the possibilities are endless. img_7087
Black Blazer: Cato Fashions
Très Bien Merci Tank Top: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: ASOS
Purse: Gift
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Camouflage Pants: Walmart

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