A Thank You. From This Body.

I remember the days when clothing options were extremely limited for me. I always wanted to wear what what was trendy because I really LOVE fashion. I would put outfits together for my sister (size 0) and my friends and I always heard things like “you should be a stylist” and  “you have such great taste but you wouldn’t know it by the way that you dress”. I always wore blue jeans and a black top. That was my comfort zone but I also didn’t have many clothing alternatives available to me either. My usual response was “well, there’s no good clothes in my size”.

Fast forward to “some” years later – Lane Bryant has become my go to for fashionable pieces that I love. Their clothing is made with great quality and attention to detail. It is not a store where I would find “something that could work”, like back in the day. It’s the store that I go to and find something that really works, every time! Finally! Clothing made with me and my body in mind. Thank You!!! It’s taken a long time to get here, and this fashionista is loving it!

Off-the-shoulder peasant top from Lane Bryant

It doesn’t end there. See, Lane Bryant continues to step it up and amaze me – more recently with their This Body campaign (http://thisbody.com) which is really extraordinary, touching and inspiring. Indeed, it is time to flip the script. We cannot waste any more time listening to negativity. Throw the shame to the curb because you are beautiful and it is time you believed it!

Remember this: You can have the most fashionable clothes in the world at your fingertips – but you won’t feel confident or beautiful in them if you don’t love yourself first. No matter how beautiful the clothes are, if you don’t accept the skin that you are in and embrace your body, you are never going to feel beautiful in anything. Don’t waste any more time being ashamed of your body and your curves. It is time to own it all – every stretch mark and cellulite dimple – because that is the body that you’ve got. You’ve got to work it, girl – and love it!

Striped top from Lane Bryant




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