A Late Welcome to My Blog!

I read many blogs and know that most of them always have an “About Me” or “Welcome to My Page” section with perfectly thought out adjectives to describe the blogger and of course, their blog. While I can describe what I want this blog to be in a heartbeat, I have struggled with this post because I hadn’t given ‘describing me’ much thought in such a long time.

This journey, of self-love and acceptance has in a very natural way pointed me in the direction of self-reflection and awareness. This is not an easy thing for me because for so long, my feelings were of a lot of pain so I suppressed and dismissed them. When you do that long enough, you can in a way become numb – at least verbally. See, I often struggle with getting the right words out of my mouth. I know what I feel because I feel it – it’s internal and in a way palpable and tangible. I can, in my head, know exactly what my feelings are. When it comes time to saying them, I get tongue twisted and the words escape me.

I thought that the ‘Get to Know Me Tag’ would be enough but I still couldn’t shake the fact that I  was struggling in this arena. I didn’t want to struggle in this. I want to be raw and real with you so I felt like I really needed to do this post.

For a while now, I have been kepping a list of my likes and desires to share with you in hopes that this post will be the catalyst that gets me into deeper self-reflection and self-awareness which is something that I am now embracing and am happy to be growing into. While doing this I realized that I really can’t be put into a box. And that’s ok. I don’t fit a mold – and not because I am plus sized. (*joke*)

Here is a little glimpse into what makes me, me:

I love God and my family. I have truly been blessed with amazing parents and sister. 

I am unique. 

I am loving.

I am a Puerto Rican girl who was raised in the “south” (small town girl). So, while I am a tropical island mermaid that could live at the beach, I could easily live in the mountains of Tennessee. 

I am caring. 

I am honest. 

Paris is my favorite city in the world. (I am a self professed francophile!)

I love fashion and would always be asked to come over and put outfits together for my sister and friends. I’ve always been a frustrated fashionista! I would always say that I was a the real fashion lover but couldn’t dress the part because “those clothes” didn’t come in my size. 

I love to laugh and be surrounded by people who do too!

Travel, adventure and exploring excite me to no end. I want to fill my passport with stamps. 

I always have a camera on hand – always! 

In my opinion, shopping should be a sport. 

I love to cook different types of food and can just throw things together and they magically end up tasting good. 

I love to host. 

I love champagne or prosecco and red wine. 

Coffee wakes me up.

I love drinking water. 

Warm water with lemon in the mornings is a must for me! I just love it!!

I am quiet a lot of the time but being that I am Puerto Rican, I can be loud too. Especially at family gatherings.

I love to craft. 

I love makeup and skin care. 

I have a sewing machine and want to teach myself how to sew. I know only the basics. [Ashley Nell Tipton – If you were to ever in life read this, I want to make all of your Simplicity patterns!]

I want to have an “on the side” photography business. I love taking photographs!

I love to help others. 

Hugs are the best!

I am outgoing yet surprisingly shy at times. 

I will reach out to anybody because people are not intimidating to me yet am often cautious of getting hurt. [insert defense mechanism here]

I love music but I’m not the best dancer. But when nobody is looking, I feel like I have an inner J-Lo waiting to get out. 

I have great work ethic. (Which in part is why I work as much as I do.)

I love to read and learn new things. 

I like to be 15 minutes early, even though that doesn’t always happen. I’ve learned to be flexible.

I am a good listener. 

I am the wife to an amazing man whom I love with every fiber of my being. 

I have such a big desire to be a mom one day.  

I am physically active and amaze people because they are surprised that a girl like me can not only keep up but outdo them as well.  

I have curves.

I am beautiful.

I finally love myself. 

So there you have it. A late WELCOME TO MY BLOG and real peak into who I am. As I continue to grow and develop this blog, I will be sharing more about the experiences that molded me to become the person that I am today and tools that I used to overcome many obstacles. I want to share with you my fashion sense and hopefully you will find some outfit inspo’s from it – and if I know of a good sale, get ready because I will share the wealth and let you know. I am so excited about this blog and have so many things already lined up for it. I hope you stick around and join me on this journey! 🙂



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