I Didn’t Celebrate On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – the day of roses, pink and red hearts, cupids all around and every single restaurant filled to capacity. When I was single, I so longed for the day when I wouldn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day by myself or as much as I loved them, my girlfriendsHe . We all wanted our man! After 31 years, “the one” came into my life and life couldn’t be sweeter.

Recently, my husband’s grandmother moved in with us. She is 92 years young and cannot be left alone. We don’t have family nearby and let me tell you, finding help for the elderly is not easy. This has changed the dynamic in our home tremendously. See, we don’t have any children so after work, our evenings were ours to do whatever we wanted. We would go out walking, for a drive, try a different restaurant, shop, or just simply cuddle up on the couch – anything. Now, we are never alone. And if we are going to an event, like a wedding, only one of us can go while the other stays with his grandmother. Adjusting to this has been very hard, especially for me.

We were so excited last week because we thought we would get a few hours on Saturday to ourselves because a friend of grandma’s came to Florida to visit and said she would take her for the day. We planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day and even thought about driving to the beach. The countdown was on! Well, the hours the friend talked about were 2 hours during the work week. So, we didn’t get those few hours we were so longing for.

Marrying the right man is essential. I don’t know how going through this with somebody else would be. But with my husband, it is worth it. He is worth it. WE ARE WORTH IT!

Yesterday he asked me to make sure I would be able to have lunch at 1:30pm and that he was picking up lunch. (We both work from home.) I was so happy to not have to cook lunch that I didn’t even wonder what he was up to. Without me knowing, he took grandma to an adult day care center we found close to us for a few hours to see if she liked it. On his way back home, he picked up some Olive Garden-to-go.

At 1:30pm and I got a knock on the door to my office and he asked me to close my eyes as he lead me into our living room. This is what I opened my eyes to.


He set out a beach blanket, a picnic basket, added a rose to the setup, (the bottle of Prosecco was filled with water) and he even had music playing in the background. I could not stop smiling. Either could he. Something so small, meant so much.  That hour was amazing. We had a great lunch.We talked, laughed, daydreamed about the future. And at 2:30pm we both went into our separate offices and kept working.

So, no, we didn’t celebrate on Valentine’s Day or beforehand like we had originally planned to. And it didn’t end with a romantic walk on the beach while watching a gorgeous sunset. But it was perfect. Perfectly imperfect and I loved every single second of it. I appreciate the times that we have so much more now that we don’t have them so freely.

I always say that I married up and as time passes, I am more and more confirmed that I did. It’s funny to think that on so many occasions I was told that if I wanted to find a man, I needed to lose weight because no man would love me with the way that I looked. I hung in there because I knew God would fulfill the desires of my heart – and He did. I have an amazing man that I get to call husband and he loves me for me. Plus size curves and all. I am so thankful!


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