Valentine’s Day | Plus Sized

Plus size women can certainly wear pink – and rock it too! I used to always navigate towards wearing black. I love black clothing pieces but I used to do it because it was a forgiving color. If you looked at my closet it was packed with blue jeans, black tops, black dresses and a lot of black cardigans. It’s sad to think of how much time I wasted not wearing what I really wanted to.Β Instead of staying in that negative space of regret – I am brushing the past off and making room in my closet for new pieces. Time for shopping! πŸ™‚

I picked up a few pieces at Lane Bryant recently and thought I would share an easy, classic, comfortably and beautiful Valentine’s Day look with you.

This beautiful baby pink top has a v-neck in front and back. It has scalloping lace along the edges of the neck and back which give it a more delicate and sophisticated look.

Around my waist I tied a leopard print scarf just to give this look a little more oomph. I felt that it needed a belt and I didn’t have one that was just right. This new scarf did the job perfectly. It added a different element and also accentuated my waist.

This skirt…can we just take a moment in honor of Lane Bryant forΒ making skirts with pockets!! πŸ™‚ I love this beautiful midi skirt with pockets. It’s classic and can be dressed up or down.

Thank you LaneBryant for always getting it right!

I hope you enjoyed this look. For more of this look, head on over to my YouTube channel:




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