I’m Going to Curvy Con 2017!

I have never gone to anything with a ‘CON’ at the end of it. But this, I couldn’t pass up. While on a very long journey to find myself, love myself and be a healthier and better version of myself, I learned that it wasn’t just about being thinner. I always thought that losing weight was the key – and while losing weight has many benefits – I always seem to fail at trying to get there. #thestruggleisreal

Jacket: Old Navy. Boots: Lane Bryant 

One would think that jetting off on a weight loss journey is the easiest and most positive decision one can make for themselves. Well, that was not the case for me. Ok, don’t click out of here just yet. Hear me out.

I started this weight loss journey at my lowest. I felt bad and was mad at myself. I was disappointed. I felt defeated, ugly, and undesirable. While feeling this way I made a decision to just fix the “mistake” ASAP! Achieving this type of goal is a hard because it’s not just about going to the gym and dieting – it is about changing your mindset and your life. It’s not a decision you just all of the sudden make and 100% of the time perfectly stick to. At least not me. And I have learned to be ok with that. Failing at diet after diet and paying for gym memberships that weren’t used, I decided enough was enough. I needed to look at my situation from an objective perspective. I needed to find what the real problem was so that I could find a real and viable solution.

The diagnosis was this – I didn’t love myself. As simple as that. It’s not that I was lazy or that I couldn’t follow through. And realizing this was the “ah ha!” moment I needed. It finally “clicked”.

It took me 35 years to finally accept myself, love myself and not be so hard on myself. See, I am never going to be a size 2. Never! Even at my skinniest – I was never a size 2. I am a Puerto Rican woman who has big hips and curves. I am finally ok with that.

It’s amazing how by accepting myself, without thinking about it, I have been making better life choices. Pressure and stress free choices might I add. I am eating healthier. I have a desire to be and am more active. I am fixing myself up more. I am no longer ashamed and my subconscious finally knows it. It all caught up. And it feels so good!

So, this is me. A woman who has struggled but is not defeated. A woman who is desirable – by the person that counts – my husband. A woman who finally feels worthy and beautiful. A woman who is excited at the future and is no longer going to sabotage or hold herself back.

I will be at Curvy Con 2017 with joy in my heart, a smile on my soul because I am finally ok with me. I am pretty ecstatic to be on this new journey. At Curvy Con I hope to be able to embrace myself more and learn how to continue doing so. I can’t wait to shop freely (not just online) and meet other triumphant women like me. I am counting down the days to my first ‘con’ – and lucky for me, it is the most important of them all.

#CurvyCon2017 – bring it! I am ready! 🙂

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